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Before I start let me be the first to welcome you all to the website!! Take a look around, take your shoes off, get comfortable, check out the white paint. Kent worked very hard on it and we appreciate him GREATLY. It’s still a baby, so keep checking in as content will be added every other day-articles, blogs, videos, new music, ect. Follow our social media accounts as another way to keep up to date with what’s going on. We simply don’t want you to miss anything. capeesh?

But hey listen….We want to know you. More than the workshops, bbq’s, conferences, and classes that’ll be going on this year we really want to connect with you. Contact us and let us know how God has gifted you. Even if you aren’t exactly sure yet. Newlife Arts is going to be A LOT of fun but at the same time this is the time for you to take your artistic gifts to the next level. We want to walk with you through this artistic adventure, we want you to meet other artists who express themselves the same way, and together we want to celebrate Jesus.

Our prayer is that as you bloom in your calling you will equally bloom in your relationship with the Father. He wants to rock your world through your art so hard that it shakes those around you, and that it shifts your perspective on your art. Can you picture a couple hundred little earth quakes in around chicago shaking your communities? That’s what i’m talking about. He wants to canon ball so heavily in your…art..pool..that it…ripples…you get the idea.

Again, welcome to Newlife Arts. Right now we have music workshops scheduled once a month starting in March to give you musically inclined a taste of what the music school will look like this fall. Enrollment for the school and more info will be up in a few weeks. Get togethers, collaborative oppertunities and all that good stuff will start up soon as well. This is why it’s important to keep checking on the site and to follow/friend us.

Can’t wait to meet my fellow Newlife Artists

Worship, Worship Everywhere