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We’re planning our 5th Worship Collective. That’s 5 months of worshiping together as a family of creatives and lovers of Christ and the joy his presence brings. Each Collective has been fantastic and we’ve seen growth every month. We’ve also noticed a slight change in perspective.

This began with the desire to see creatives come together every month to worship through their art; and while that’s still one of out main purposes, we’ve noticed people drop their guitars, close their sketch books and just fall to their knees in awe of His presence. We went into this not knowing exactly what the outcome look like, and we’ve seen true worship flood the room month to month. Much like in scripture where countless times people just fell on their faces at Jesus’ feet. Have you ever been in at place, where you don’t want to do anything- almost paralyzed in His presence? That’s what we’re experiencing every month.

So what began as a night of worship with Artists as the targeted audience has now become a night where people who just yearn to worship with no agenda gather together to do just that.

This month (on the 18th) we’re meeting at New Life Albany Park. There will be no collective in December as it is the Holiday Season. Next year we want to start meeting in homes, so if you have the room and want to open your house to 30+ people please contact us and we’ll put you in the calendar. Email us through here or email     See you on the 18th!

With love

Worship, Worship Everywhere