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We all share one thing in common outside of the arts. We want to see Chicago impacted for the glory of God. We all know that we live in one of the most violent cities in America: Full of anger, corruption, perversion, and hate. We believe that the arts is strong enough to make a change in our city. There is power in prayer, power in worship, power in numbers, power in movement, and power in people empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Worship Collective is a combination of all those things into one night.

These monthly gatherings is what Newlife Arts is all about; Raw expression of love and adoration to our Lord with no agenda. If you’re a painter, a designer, a dancer, a writer, a photographer, a poet, a musician, a videographer, an artist of any kind- you are welcome to join us next Monday, July 15th at New Life Melrose Park for a night of genuine worship using purely the arts. This is open for ANYONE in and outside of New Life Community Church.

We’ll be starting promptly at 7pm, but come earlier to pray with us and set up whatever you have to. On that note, BYOS (bring your own supplies). Artists work more comfortably with their own supplies anyways, right?

*Musicians: We DO have a few guidelines as far as playing. This will be mainly acoustic worship. We want to stay clear of blazing electric guitar amps, full drum sets, and the hassle of sound checking/mixing levels. WE WILL HAVE A SET TEAM at least for the first couple Worship Collective meetings, but does that does not mean you can’t bring your acoustic instrument and play along. If you’d like to play/sing on the team for future meetings you can email us and we can plan that out ahead of time.

We can’t wait to worship with you!