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This year our theater department has really been hard at work writing and planning our first couple productions for 2014.

With that being said we’re proud to announce our first play entitled “Tempo”! Written by our theater director Mark Anthony Gonzalez, directed by Lance Brett Hall & Jessica Van, this play is something to experience. There’s a great blend of music, action, spoken-word dialogue and audience engagement!

In this story, a man named Luke is confronted by two men who fight for his allegiance as their chess protege; both with different intentions. This allegory symbolizes the fact that we all are influenced by someone, except, unlike the chess pieces, we decide who’s voice we’ll listen to in the end.

Here, at New Life Arts, we really want to see theater department reach it’s full potential. With your support and prayers we will continue to write and put on the best plays possible. All things done in excellence. See you April 18th! 7pm at New Life Tri-Taylor. Donations are welcomed to help us continue to put on great productions.