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The rain completely annihilates the thin glass windows of this small café, quietly resting within this great city of Chicago, and all my mind can think of is how I long to be running through every drop. The artist in me immediately begins to think of as many cliché words as I can, to compare this storm to God showering us with his love, and how creation is the perfect image of our heavenly father. Therefore, the last thing the world needs is for me to write what everyone else has already written. Honestly I’m tired of hearing the same old thing, I mean my God is he who the very lightning we witness throughout a storm must seek permission from, before it can fall. If God is truly as big as we say he is (and I believe he is), then shouldn’t we find something else in this rain then just the picture of him pouring out? Could we see past the sounds of thunder, and flashes of lighting, and find something new?

When the rain comes, I always admire how everyone runs inside. Whenever a storm comes, you begin to hear people say things like, “This is the perfect day to sit down and read,” or some may say, “Today is a day to take a long nap.” I tend to see rainy days as days I’m the loneliest. I’ve seen them as days when I (who don’t drive) cannot get anywhere, or see anyone. I feel isolated and far from civilization, and it was not until recently I’ve come to realize God wants so much more from the rain then we credit him for. If we look past the beautiful imagery of how storms resemble God, if we look past all the analogies we’ve heard on Sunday morning, and if we just accept rain sometimes for what it is, then we can dive deeper into the Father. Rain…is a nuisance, it’s inconvenient, and at times it causes us to change our days entirely. No one wants to go for five mile walks in the rain, no one enjoys the feeling of being wet while completely clothed waiting for the bus, and driving in the rain can be a terrifying event. All of this to say, rain gives us the desire to stay in, hidden, and in that time of hiding, God calls out to us.

We live in a world where we are constantly on the go, or we use up so much energy throughout the day our bodies long for rest. Often we forget to spend quality time with Dad. The Lord longs for us to just come before him and have one on one time, but we get so busy (even doing church work) that we overlook the importance of alone time with the Father. There are so many days I come home exhausted, look at my bible, yearn for it, thirst for it, but choose to turn on the television instead. I consider my time with my creator work, when it truly is the ultimate form of peace and rest. However, we find ourselves back at the rain: Rain that brings upon us a feeling of relaxation and peace, rain which blesses us with a moment, an opportunity to come before the almighty, and spend some quality time.

Whenever the rain came storming down in the bible, it left people with only one option; cry out to God. When the disciples were being tossed around in the storm, they ran and woke up Jesus. Jesus who tells the lightning to cease, the waves to die, and the rain to confine itself within the clouds from which it came. When the Lord told Noah the rains would come, men criticized him for building an ark. However, he was left alone rejected, yet he chose to do the fathers work, and because of his obedience he was blessed with not only life, but also with an opportunity to be completely isolated with his family before the Lord doing his will. Constantly the rain comes, and it causes us to come to the father, it leads us to surrender ourselves in ways we may never have thought we could. When we look past the darkened clouds that violently attack across the sky, and remember our God does everything for a reason, we come to realize each storm is no coincidence.

Jesus set the example of how we were to live this Christian life. Hebrews 5:7 says, “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.” Jesus would submit himself to the father. In other words, Christ would yield to the fathers will! He always brought everything before the Lord, and when were his most intimate times of worship and prayer? When he was completely isolated and alone. Mark 1:35 says, “And early in the morning, while it was still dark, He arose and went out and departed to a lonely place, and was praying there.” After this particular time of prayer he would come and name his final twelve disciples. Christ constantly isolated himself and spent time with God the father. He woke before the sun, so he would have as much time as possible speaking with God. There was no time restriction for him, he longed to spend time with his father, and in the same way we should long to spend time with our heavenly father.

Now I look to the days the rain falls! I look to those moments when we are blessed with a chance to stay isolated and come before him whose breath woke us from our eternal slumber. He who imagined the stars and brought them to life, and he who stretched Orion’s belt far across the galaxy while drawing a line in the sand for the tide to respect and recede back into its mighty body of water. Excitement overwhelms me when I hear the beating of the drops upon my roof, as they drop, I will drop. To my knees I will fall before the king of all kings, and his name alone I will praise. When the lightning hits and the thunder roars, I will not be afraid, for the storm has not come to destroy but to bring peace. I will go to a place where only the father can find me, a place where no wardrobe can take me, and no ring can destroy, but a place where the father and I find perfect harmony. My God, My God, I am not worthy!

Therefore, the next time the rain comes, the next time you feel the wind pick up, and see the trees running for cover. Be ready, be brave, and be filled with excitement. For the father of all things is making time for just you and him: The king who sent his son to be crucified, and resurrected him from the grave wants to spend time with you, his child. So invite the rain, welcome it with open arms, and hide away from this earth in a place only he can find you.