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We’re holding auditions for an exciting music video, and we’d love to see what great talent is out there. As we continue to push ourselves to produce better quality work, we’re looking for excellent actors that want to push themselves with us. This is a music video that will support the single off of the new Joyful In Hope record that we’re putting out next month.

We will supply you with a short script to read on the day of your audition, so come prepared to act with what is supplied.

These are 4 roles that we’re looking to fill: 

EDWIN: [Gender: Male] [Age: 40 – 45]

Edwin is the father. A construction worker type who spends most of his days at work. When he finally does come home he doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone, especially not his family. His wife and two kids are often worried that he might lash out on one of them if they don’t “do what he says.”

SANDRA: [Gender: Female] [Age: 40 – 45]

Sandra is the mother. A housewife who feels like cooking and cleaning is all she can ever do. Doesn’t have a job because Edwin expects meals to be made for him by the time he gets home. She always wanted more out of life, but this is what she got. She has chronic anxiety and sneaks off to have a cigarette whenever she can.

ANDY (Younger): [Gender: Male] [Age: 7 – 10]

Andy is the younger of the two brothers. A shy boy who makes sure he does what he’s told. Often is afraid of his father and tries not to be a bother, all he really wants is to see a change within his family. The only person he ever feels comfortable with is his older brother Daniel. However his hopeful outlook on life might be just what his family needs to see a change in their home.

ANDY (Older): [Age: 17 – 20]

Andy 10 years after the events of the core story. Will only appear for a brief moment.

Dates: Friday August 18 // 5pm-8pm 

   Saturday August 19th // 10am-12pm

Place: 2208 Main St. Melrose Park, IL

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