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Welcome to our monthly Deeperstill Worship Gatherings. We gather together every last Monday of the month to fellowship, drink coffee, and spend 2 hours in worship. We love community and believe in a culture of worship that DEVELOPS, MOTIVATES, and RELEASES Kingdom. *These nights are open to everybody. All are welcomed. And we encourage bringing whatever instrument or creative tools you enjoy worshiping with*

We’re also proud partners with local coffee roasters GoodManner Coffee. They graciously serve pour overs for free at every gathering. Check out their website for more info on them and their latest offerings.


                                                                                          Every Deeperstill gathering is from 6pm to 9pm

June 26th @ New Life Portage park

5700 W Berteau Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

July 31st @ New Life Midway

5101 S Keeler Ave, Chicago, IL 60632